Smart Bangalore & Karnataka Govt launch housing project

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Bangalore Real Estate Company, a renowned real estate developer known for its innovative approach in real estate development, has expressed its excitement regarding the launch of a groundbreaking project. The project, titled ā€˜Smart Bangalore Infrastructure & Karnataka State Government, Employees Housing Co-Operative Society,ā€™ is situated near Rajanakunte (Surdenpura). The company aims to completely transform the urban landscape of Bangalore by utilising advanced technology and sustainable design principles The primary objective is to provide residents with a futuristic and vibrant living experience

The company believes that Bangalore, being one of India’s most populous and dynamic cities, deserves a housing project that embraces the concept of a smart city while catering to the needs and aspirations of its residents

The recently launched project offers affordable housing opportunities for its members, along with convenient interest-free installment payment options

The layout formation of the project is closely monitored and approved by the zonal approving authority, BIAAPA. Furthermore, plot allotment is carried out subsequent to the verification of the “Mother deed” of the respective land, ensuring the availability of legally sound documents for each plotā€¦

The Smart Bangalore Infrastructure & Karnataka State Government, Employees Housing Co-Operative Society is designed to seamlessly integrate technology, sustainability, and community, creating a truly transformative living environmentā€¦

The project boasts several key features and benefits:

  1. Intelligent Infrastructure: State-of-the-art infrastructure will be implemented throughout the project, including advanced energy management systems, smart waste management, and optimised transportation networks. These features aim to enhance efficiency, minimise environmental impact, and provide a seamless urban living experienceā€¦
  1. Sustainable Design: Environmental sustainability lies at the heart of the Smart Bangalore Infrastructure & Karnataka State Government, Employees Housing Co-Operative Society. The development incorporates eco-friendly construction materials, renewable energy solutions, and green spaces to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. It serves as a model for future urban development in Bangaloreā€¦
  1. Community-Centric Approach: The project focuses on fostering a strong sense of community by offering a variety of amenities and shared spaces that encourage social interaction and engagement. These amenities include parks, recreational facilities, and community centres, all contributing to a vibrant and inclusive living environmentā€¦

source : constructionworld

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