Property owners may have to pay land transportation cess from FY21

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Property owners may have to pay 2% of their property tax in the form of land transportation cess from financial year 2020-21.On Tuesday, the BBMP council decided to collect 2% cess and inform the government that it would be used for maintenance of roads, drains and streetlights.

The council decision will have to be cleared by the urban development department.The collection of 2% property tax as land tranportation cess was allowed by an amendment to the KMC Act, in 2013. The council had on June 2018 approved the proposal to reintroduce collection of LTC in order to provide better infrastructure for vehicles in the city. “BJP leaders opposed the cess then, stating it would burden taxpayers. But how are they agreeing to it now,” asked Abdul Wajib, leader of the opposition, adding, “Now since there are no funds, they have decided to collect the cess.

”BBMP had earlier refused to hand over LTC to the directorate of urban land transport. “All the facilities are provided and maintained by the Palike. Why should we give the money to some other agency?” wondered council member Muneendra Kumar.


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