BBMP Proposes 5% Rebate In Property Tax Payment, Valid Till June-End

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In response to the inconvenience caused to property owners paying taxes on time and considering the model code of conduct, Congress functionaries in Bengaluru have urged the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to extend the 5% tax rebate by an additional month. Former Congress corporators M Shivaraju and Abdul Wajid recently met with the BBMP chief commissioner to discuss the matter. They emphasized the need to extend the rebate period to facilitate property tax payments.
Rebate Extension Requested
The BBMP typically offers a 5% rebate to property owners who pay their taxes for the upcoming fiscal year in April. However, due to this year’s assembly elections, several BBMP revenue wing officials were occupied with poll-related duties in April and May, causing inconvenience to many taxpayers. Consequently, the Congress functionaries have requested an extension of the rebate period until June 30 to accommodate those who were unable to avail the rebate earlier.
Drafting a Request to the State Government
To implement the rebate extension, the BBMP is currently preparing a formal request to be submitted to the state government for approval. This initiative comes in response to the requests made by former corporators and taxpayers. While the rebate is typically extended until the end of May, it was not possible this year due to the model code of conduct in effect during the election period. The BBMP aims to adjust the 5% rebate for those who paid their property tax in May when they make payments in the next financial year.
Efforts to Boost Property Tax Collection
The BBMP has set a target of collecting Rs 4,690 crore from property tax, including other cesses, in the 2023-24 budget. Last year, the Palike collected over Rs 3,332 crore, with a significant portion coming from Mahadevapura and the East zones of the BBMP. Extending the rebate period is expected to support the progress of property tax collection, which was impacted by the diversion of revenue officials’ attention towards election-related duties.
Property Owners Await Approval
Property owners in Bengaluru eagerly anticipate the approval of the BBMP’s request to extend the 5% property tax rebate. This extension will provide relief to those who were unable to avail the rebate earlier and encourage timely tax payments. To streamline the process, the BBMP also offers online tax payment facilities, allowing property owners to conveniently fulfill their tax obligations.

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